Sukkot 2015

October 24, 2015


What a blessing Weaver’s Thread received during 2015 Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) in New Mexico. The gathering of hearts to be of one mind and one body was a beautiful picture of what we have to look forward to in His Kingdom. The desire to learn how to grow into a deeper relationship with each other given the understanding that it ultimately draws us into a deeper relationship with Abba our Heavenly Father. This was a common thread throughout the Weaver’s Thread teaching in the Taos and Albuquerque congregations.

There is a reason that New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment, the landscape with its variety of colors and the night sky with the brilliant stars makes one gasp at the vastness of His Universe and enjoy His artwork in all it’s spendor. Those with Weaver’s Thread were fortunate to have a spectacular view from the Turquoise Trail east of Albuquerque to watch Yahweh’s (Lord) moon turn from a bright white glow to blood red as it rose over the mountain. To witness the turning of the moon to blood was like watching Yahweh’s hand in motion.

The congregation at Church of Llano Quemado in Taos was so warm and inviting, it was a joy to share the teaching of “More than Rubies”, which is a teaching based on Proverbs 31 – the Virtuous Woman. The interaction with the congregation throughout the teaching was engaging and provided all with new views and perceptions on how and what the responsibilities that Yahweh has charged both Husband and Wife with to establish a home that mirrors His desire for His Kingdom. All attending the workshop agreed that relationships developed in this life are in preparation for the heart, soul and spirit to meet the Bridegroom, Yeshua (Jesus). The “More than Rubies” teaching provides a deeper understanding of how important the laying of the foundation of the home with Yahweh in the center is to each individual and to each home.

There was so much gained from the time spent with the congregation at Church of Llano Quemado. Their desire to serve Yahweh and Yeshua was warming to the heart, and along with this, their sweet humbleness, love, compassion for each other made it hard to leave them. I pray they continue to carry me in their heart as I carry them mine.

It always feels like coming home when I return to the Olive Tree Congregation in Albuquerque, NM. Sukkot was in full swing when I arrived. The parking lot housed many Sukkahs (temporary dwellings) for those who chose to observe Sukkot as prescribed in Leviticus 23:41-44. There were teachings, music, food and laughter everywhere I turned, a true celebration of joy and love between all who were present.

Last year, for Sukkot 2014, I taught “More than Rubies” to the women of the Olive Tree Congregation. There was so much gained individually and as a group from this teaching that they requested the same teaching again. The women’s testimonies of how this teaching had transformed their relationships with their spouses, their families and their friends this past year due to their new understanding of turning to Abba their Father to intercede is very encouraging to me. Again this year as last year, much was gained, a new and deeper understanding of the importance of keeping Yahweh in the center of every relationship was reinforced with another layer of the More Than Rubies teaching. It is my hope that this teaching blesses those who sought a second teaching and for those who heard it for the first time throughout the year.

I presented a new teaching “Such a Time as This” – The Twelve Qualities of Esther with a full day workshop at the Olive Tree Congregation. Many new faces were present, some from as far away as Colorado for this teaching. This teaching, as with all Weaver’s Threads teachings, is an interactive teaching that provides a way for all who attend to share their experiences and faith. This forum allows for introspective thought and deep reflection. The qualities of Esther that were identified were qualities that each of us have or desire to develop to make our lives more pleasing to those around us and to Yahweh. There was great participation and sharing of the heart and soul. Questions were presented that each individual took away with them to ponder and consider during the coming months. The questions are designed to encourage each individual to strive for the qualities of Esther in the fullest way possible.

I would like to thank all those that made Sukkot 2015 such a wonderful experience and blessing. It was such a joy to share this special Appointed Season with those who seek to understand His meaning and plans for us with open hearts. The hospitality and graciousness that was received was a reflection of the Father’s out pouring of love through His humble servants. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may His blessings pour out to each and all who seek Him and His Word.