Workshop: The Keys to Being Echad

“It’s Not About Me”, “It’s Not About Me” is very easy to understand but difficult to merge into one’s persona. However it just may be the most important element to becoming Echad (One). To become Echad you have to be willing to give up self, and there lies the struggle.

How to become one with Yahweh (The Lord), one with Yeshua (Jesus) and one with those in your life is explored in the relationship teaching of becoming Echad. Letting go of ego and allowing the detachment of self is a process, an emotional shift. Becoming Echad is a journey towards self-awareness. This teaching also explores the fear surrounding abandonment and rejection. The ability to heal oneself allows spiritual growth that brings one to the understanding of how to “Love Your Brother as Your Self” as we are asked to do. When personal evolvement reaches this level, peace and joy become obtainable. This leads to healing the broken self so unity may be found in every relationship that is sought.

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