Workshop: Such a Time as This

When the “Light” was at the point of being extinguished from the world a woman, Esther, was chosen by Yahweh (The Lord) to step forward and save His people, her people. She was told she was born for “Such a Time as This”. Each one of us faces in our own lives at least once, “Such a Time as This.” It’s a time that we have to take a look into ourselves, a time of self-assessment of our beliefs and faith. To be able to step out and take a stand for our beliefs we must have an innate knowing that we are doing what is in alignment with Yahweh’s plan. When walking in true alignment with Yahweh, we are walking in full trust that He is governing our every step.

Exploring the qualities of Esther provides insight, objectivity and direction to our lives. Values to be gained from “The Esther Qualities” are enormous in developing our inner-self. By taking a look at these qualities a discovery begins, a marker of a sorts. Examining The Esther Qualities provides a way to evaluate self and sets a goal of self-expectation.