Hebrew Translations

The Weaver’s Thread Ministries writings use the Hebrew names for Lord, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Their common names are listed below.

Abba Father
Adonai Lord /Master
Echad One
El Shaddai God Almighty - The All-sufficient One
Elohim God - The One and Only True God
Messiah Anointed - Chosen One
Ruach Ha Kodesh Holy Spirit
Yahweh LORD - He that is who He is, The eternal I AM
Yeshua Jesus
HaMashiach Christ
Torah First 5 books of the Bible

Note: We write G-d and L-rd without vowels as a sign of respect.

In the original Hebrew there were no vowels, and no difference between upper and lower case (capital and small letters). Hellenistic Christians choose to mark the respect by inserting the vowel, and capitalizing the first letter, neither of which are in the original. Jewish people mark the respect by capitalizing the first letter (which is not in the original), and indicating the vowel is not there in the original. One extra thing about this method is that if G-d is never written in full, no-one can deface the word!

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