What's Next?

May 29, 2015

Hi Everyone,

What a great Shavuot/Pentecost day we shared together.  We approached the Shavuot Feast Day with anticipation not knowing what it would be or look like for us just as the disciples waited in the Upper Room for the promise of the Holy Spirit. The intercessory prayer that was provided by so many believers from all over the country provided the covering and protection that was necessary so that those in the Chapel could receive His Glory in peace, His Shalom. Yahweh poured down his blessings and each one of us received the His Spirit in as many ways as there were of us in number at the Little Chapel on the Hill.  

We were given the Spirit of Unity, to go forth and expand His kingdom.  We declared Port Townsend, Washington to be the Light House, the Beacon of the Christ Light to shine the Lord’s Glory throughout the Nation and the world.  A proclamation was made over the citizens of Port Townsend to claim them for the Lord in the name of Yeshua.  The darkness cannot stay where there is light.  We have entered into a time that decisions, choices, have to be made.  Are you ‘IN’ or “OUT”?  No more division lines, no more confusion from the enemy that has come to steal, kill and destroy.   

There were those present Sunday that have stood fast holding the place for the Lord in Port Townsend with faithfulness that never wavered knowing “The Day of the Lord was at Hand”.  There were those of us that have known in our hearts that the day would come to Port Townsend for it to stand out in Victory for Yeshua.  Port Townsend will provide the example of faith and strength so others in our country would have the courage to follow this “Revival” in turning this Country’s face back to the Lord. 

What is next?
What do we do now?
Where do we go from here?

What did the followers in the Upper Room do after they received the Holy Spirit?  I suggest for the next few weeks that each of us read, study and meditate over the Acts Chapters 2, 3, & 4, spending time in prayer asking the Father to give us discernment in the direction that the He wants us to go, how he wants us to lead.  The ones who gathered together at the Little Chapel during Shavuot know the special calling that has been placed upon us.  We came together as in Acts 4:32 “And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and one soul.”

The population census in 2010 for Port Townsend was 9,210.  I ask that we come into agreement that “9,210” is our goal, our battle cry for Yeshua.  In Acts 1:5 there were about 120; Acts 2:41 there were about 3,000 souls;  Acts 4:4 the number of men was about 5,000, that is roughly 8,120, including a few woman and children who were with the men in Acts 4:4 the number was probably close to the population of Port Townsend.  So let’s go and lift up Port Townsend in the Name of Yeshua!!  The Lord is with us, he has been waiting for us to gather in the Upper Room just as we did on Shavuotlet us have unity, let us have one heart and one soul and let us go forth and gather for his kingdom.

I will be in Texas for the next few weeks.  Let’s plan to meet on the weekend of June 20th and pray that Lord provides a place that we may come together in his name to fellowship, pray and discuss the direction we are to take as part of the Body of Yeshua.  Please contact me with any suggestions on date, time or meeting place and I will get the information out to the group.  Be faithful and continue your intercessory prayer for the Salvation of the Port Townsend citizens.  Please call, e-mail or messenger me on Facebook any time, if I don’t respond, don’t give up, leave a message I will get back with you.  For those who live out of Washington and can’t join us please continue to provide intercessory prayer.

Shalom and Blessing my Brothers and Sisters,