2015 - Looking Back

I was blessed to visit with Congregation Lion of Judah in Tumwater, WA today. Enjoyed the praise and worship along with an inspiring message. Also shared a wonderful lunch and fellowship with the members.

Helen and Aubby putting up a banner for Shavuot in Port Townsend.

View photos from Shavuot in Port Townsend

Shavuot at the Chapel on the Hill.

Helen starts the day talking about Shavuot. See more about our Shavuot in Port Townsend

Alan Lee explores the meaning behind the menorah.

Helen Thomas along with other followers of Yeshua visited the Kehilat Shabbat Messianic Fellowship in Sequim, WA. It was truly a blessing to receive such a warm welcome and to share such a special time of worship, praise and study of Yahweh’s Word.

July 25th. Hollisa Alewine came to the Pacific Northwest to share her teachings from her "Creation Gospel Workbook Series" at Calvary Chapel in Sequim WA.

Helen answering questions during her "More Than Rubies" teaching with the Congregation at the Church of Llano Quemado in Taos

Helen sharing her teaching "More Than Rubies" at the Olive Tree Congregation in Albuquerque

Helen enjoying a witness from Catherine during "Such a Time as This" teaching

View photos from Sukkot in Albuquerque NM

Enjoying a meal with the Congregation in Port Angeles.


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